Fight It Out Already!

Why do we fight with others? Let’s take a look at this question set in various situations. Children fight each other on the playground when they are in disagreement about whose turn it is, or because someone said something mean about him or her. Married couples fight because they are in disagreement about why he […]

Eat Your Brussels Sprouts!

I have a dear friend who does not like vegetables. At all. None. Not raw or cooked. You too? Thankfully, I can eat most raw vegetables when they’re slathered in Ranch Dressing or Mexicali dip. I don’t particularly enjoy cleaning them and chopping them, but once they’re cleaned, chopped, and slathered, I’m all in. And […]

Surprise, Surprise!

You either love surprises or you don’t. There are some people who don’t love them, my daughter, for one. I suppose because it’s embarrassing when she doesn’t like the surprise and doesn’t know how to react to it. Unless you’re Meryl Streep, it can be hard to fake a positive reaction when that happens. Then […]

To Prune or Not to Prune

Pruning. When the time comes to prune my rosebushes, I get anxious. Let’s first take the phrase, when the time comes. When is that time? When is the perfect time to chop your rosebushes bald? To me, there is no perfect time. All I know is that there are blooms and branches that look awful, and […]

Auld Lang Syne…

Most of us have no idea what the phrase even means. But when that clock strikes 12 midnight on January first, most everywhere in the world, someone is singing it like they wrote it themselves. Confession: I only know the first verse and can reason from the English translation that Auld Lang Syne asks the […]