Tips and Tricks

This blogpost page will feature little tips and tricks I’ve learned that may help you with exercising, cleaning, cooking, starting a project, reading, navigating relationships, or just whatever. It will hold different info weekly-monthly, so check back! If you have questions about anything relating to these categories, please leave a comment! Camping *Be sure, when […]

Get Out of the Way!

Oh, believe me, if I could’ve, I would’ve gotten out of the way. As a child, I wished so badly that I could’ve at least been warned to get out of the way; that a big train was coming and was going to hit me. I wished there had been a way for me to escape […]

Let’s Roll

I’m in love. With my new Michelin tires. I needed them so badly that I can hardly believe I’m not sliding around on the snowy streets anymore! If you need them as badly as I did, you’re  really missing out. This little story about snow tires I’m about to tell explains the love I have […]