5 Reasons You Stay With the Wrong Person

Are you in a dead-end relationship? Are you in the same place you were 2 years ago with no hope for a commitment? Here are 5 reasons you stay with the wrong person and some things you can do to fix your situation if you’ve got the guts:


  1. You’ve grown accustomed to bad treatment. Your partner may not beat you, but he/she certainly doesn’t value you if you’re having sex minus the commitment. Open your eyes. If you’re the one giving your milk for free, why would they buy the very expensive cow? They wouldn’t. Would you? So just stop it!
  2. It’s better than being alone. No it’s not. Value yourself a little. Just a little and you’ll see. Stop comparing yourself to other people. You’ll never be that other person. You are you. If there are things you can change in yourself, change them, but be yourself at all costs.
  3. You’re addicted to bad relationships. One right after the other. I promise you that all of your relationships don’t have to be dysfunctional. Find out why they’re your cup of tea, and then switch to coffee or tonic water.
  4. You’re content with the bare minimum. Don’t be! You deserve more than the bottom of the barrel. Yuk.
  5. You’re not growing. That’s right. You’re stuck. You’ve been in the same place for a lonnnnnnng time with no growth. Don’t you have a hobby or something? If you do, then take a class or sign up for a workshop on something that interests you. If you don’t, well, find one! Everyone’s a little happier with a hobby.

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