5 Things to Get Right This Year

What went wrong in 2020? Practically everything. You can probably name at least 5 major things that went wrong where you’re concerned. These 5 things went wrong for me, and they might’ve for you as well.

  1. My church closed in-person services
  2. Restaurants closed for in-person dining
  3. My teaching job went completely virtual
  4. I gained 5 unwanted pounds
  5. I spent less time with friends and family


But what can we do now that we seem to be returning to normal? Here are 5 things you can do whether or not we lock down again:

  1. Learn something new. Take an online class or study YouTube videos and become a master at something you couldn’t do before. I learned how to build a website! Seriously, I did. I also learned how to film videos of my classes and post them online.
  2. Save your money (from not eating at the restaurants you used to frequent) and take a trip.
  3. Volunteer at your church or a food bank. This will put everything into perspective.
  4. Take up a new hobby. I started hiking. Bought the shoes, jacket, and backpack and hiked by myself or with a buddy to different state parks in the area.
  5. Use FaceTime or Zoom to get together with family members who choose to remain more comfortable with virtual.

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