6 Signs You’re Dating a Loser

I know that can be a harsh word, loser, but it’s true ladies. Check out these 6 characteristics, and if you find yourself dating someone exhibiting one or more, you’d better push the FF> button, and hurry!


  1. If he expects you to go “halfsies” on everything, he’s probably a loser. You, of course, must re-evaluate your own self-worth to avoid making the same loser mistakes over and over. If you don’t think you’re worth more than that, okay, then you’re probably quite satisfied with this loser, and you might possibly be a loser yourself. You need not read any further. However, if you’re not satisfied with him, read on. Men and women are not equal, not in masculinity and certainly not in the job force. He doesn’t want to be the masculine man he was created to be, nor does he want to provide for you because you’re not worth it to him, and he’s not generous. FF>
  2. If you feel like you’ve turned into a stage-5 clinger after bringing up the subject of commitment, he’s probably a loser. Why? Because if, after a year of dating, he still doesn’t want to marry you, you can bank on the fact that he’s all about himself. He wants his cake and to eat it too, the old, Why buy the cow if I can get the milk for free? It’s simple, ladies. If a man really loves you, he’ll do whatever it takes to marry you, period. If he doesn’t treat you like the queen you are and doesn’t want you to have everything he has, he most assuredly doesn’t want you to have his name. News Flash: If you’re not in any pictures on his social media, it’s probably because he wants to keep his options open. FF>
  3. He lacks chivalry. If he can’t open your car door for you or any other door for that matter, he might be a loser. If he walks way out in front of you or if, on a chilly evening, he doesn’t offer you his jacket, FF>
  4. If he lacks interest in anything but sports and keeping his growing tummy filled, he’s probably a loser. Think about the things you have in common, and then go for someone like that. FF>
  5. He’s manipulative. If you begin setting boundaries for yourself, he might start manipulating you into seeing things his way. If he is defensive or refuses to change a bad behavior, then he’s probably someone you to whom you should say goodbye. And the sooner, the better. For you, not him. FF>
  6. He’s unreliable. Ladies, if he cancels on you or doesn’t fulfill his promises to you after a few tries, he’s probably a loser. If he doesn’t climb the highest mountain or cross the wildest sea just to be with you, then it’s time to move on. You accept his behavior because you say you love him and that there’s nobody else. I say, there’s something wrong inside you.


You don’t have to settle for any less than you want. Ever. But it’s your job to make your list and then get a move on. FF>



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  1. Well if Jesus isn’t at the center of his life then Jesus won’t be at the center of your relationship. He’ll(the guy)be the center.

    Find the guy who wants Mary, Not Martha!

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