7 Perks of Truth-Telling

Truth serum was a thing in the not too distant past. When the authorities would apprehend suspected criminals, they would inject the magic liquid, or barbiturates, such as Sodium Pentothal and Sodium Amytal into their veins to get them to come clean. To fess up. To get them to sing like canaries. The theory behind it was that when the thugs were injected, they would lose the ability to censor themselves and would simply puke up all the junk in their memories to form tasty statements of confession. Nowadays, with the way technology is progressing, there just has to be a USB cord they could plug into someone’s brain and upload everything in under 2 minutes.


Whatever happened to telling the truth? On our own? There are so many lies out there today, folks. Lies from the news media, lies on all social media sites, lies from the government, lies from your friends and family. The honest truth: Everybody lies. We all do it, even though we know it’s wrong. It has been this way from the creation of man. The devil, posing as a serpent there in the garden, (posing should’ve been your first clue), slithered his way over to Eve and told her the biggest lie of all time. The Lie: God knows that when you eat the fruit he told you not to eat, your eyes will be opened, and you will be as wise as he is. You will know good from evil. He’s holding you back from your full potential because he doesn’t really love you. Don’t you want to know everything? The devil was so convincing! It made so much sense! So she ate that fruit. Then Adam ate it. And just as the devil said, at that very moment, their eyes were opened. They saw their nakedness and hid from God (hid, another clue).


And we’ve been lying ever since. I’ve lied. You’ve lied. And why? Because we don’t want to hurt someone. Or maybe we lie because we don’t want to appear crazy. Perhaps because we don’t want someone to reject us for doing something wrong, we lie. We don’t want to pay the costly consequences. It is because of our sinful nature (acquired way back in the garden) that we now seek gratification and satisfaction in everything but in God. We don’t trust in what He says because we think we know what we want and need more than He does. We fear, so we lie. We’re proud, so we lie. Now, we’re even listening to all kinds of lies and we’re believing them just like Eve did. The devil is the god of this world and the father of all lies. He’s been watching you since birth, and he knows you. He knows your weaknesses and will lie to you all day long, if need be, to get you to lie. It’s his goal to win you over. Not because he loves you, but because he hates you, and he hates God with his whole, evil being. Here’s the ugly truth from the Bible: You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. John 8:44


May I recommend to you, from experience, that you save yourself a lot of long-term angst? Come forward with the truth. At the beginning. It will be revealed at some point anyway, and the consequences of the sin plus the sin of lying about it equals at least a thousand. Here are 7 perks you’ll get if you come forward with the truth:


  1. You won’t have to try to remember your lies
  2. You won’t get caught
  3. You’ll develop trust
  4. You’ll save yourself some energy
  5. You’ll earn respect
  6. You’ll become more confident
  7. Truthful people attract other truthful people

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