Tips and Tricks

This blogpost page features little tips and tricks I’ve learned that may help you with exercising, cleaning, cooking, recovering, starting a project, reading, navigating relationships, or just whatever. It’s home to different specks of gathered info weekly-monthly, so check back! If you have questions about anything relating to these categories, please leave a comment! CAMPING […]

Feeling Stuck?

My heart goes out to all of you who are feeling stuck or imprisoned in your current situation, whatever it may be. I’ve been there. But unless you’re physically locked up, you are not stuck. Might one or more of these 6 excuses be keeping you from your freedom?   Fear of failure – you’ll […]

This Is So True

I read this excerpt today from the book I told you about, A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent, and it brought me to tears. It’s SO TRUE. As you pray this aloud and have a sweet moment with the Lord: My God, You are immense beyond imagination. You measured the entire universe with merely the span […]


The people in Texas probably never saw it coming. Tragic, what has happened there. I’m sure not many were prepped for a disaster like this one. I mean, before Covid, I never knew that people actually PREPPED for emergencies. Millions do it. If you live in an area where weather is an issue, for sure, […]

Take A Hike

Getting outdoors, even in the winter is invigorating! If only for 20 minutes, you can put on some shoes, coat, hat, and gloves and drive to a hiking spot or simply walk out your door, taking in the crisp, and hopefully clean air that’s circulating in your neighborhood or park. Just putting one foot in […]

Eat Your Brussels Sprouts!

I have a dear friend who does not like vegetables. At all. None. Not raw or cooked. You too? Thankfully, I can eat most raw vegetables when they’re slathered in Ranch Dressing or Mexicali dip. I don’t particularly enjoy cleaning them and chopping them, but once they’re cleaned, chopped, and slathered, I’m all in. And […]

Go Away for the Day

Maybe you can’t take a week or two to travel to some exotic spot, but you may be able to take a day trip. Here are some note-worthy cities and some places I either visited or would like to visit while there. Check Covid restrictions before making any reservations. If you’re near Detroit: Henry Ford […]

5 Things to Get Right This Year

What went wrong in 2020? Practically everything. You can probably name at least 5 major things that went wrong where you’re concerned. These 5 things went wrong for me, and they might’ve for you as well. My church closed in-person services Restaurants closed for in-person dining My teaching job went completely virtual I gained 5 […]