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It’s me, the procrastinator. If we’re alike at all, we wait until it’s falling down before we finally fix the collapsing ceiling. How about those full baskets of laundry from a month ago? About that business proposal that’s waiting to be written… are you moving on it? Maybe you’d like to read the Bible from beginning to end in 2024. For what are you waiting? You business owners are on a timeline all your own with nobody breathing down your neck. You moms are in charge of the wash with only an occasional request for clean underwear. Sadly, we weren’t all born with the same innate drive, the inner motivation it takes to climb the ladder, whether it be the one that gets us to the damaged ceiling or the one taking us to a higher level in the business world.


Many times, our upbringing or our DNA, two things for which we weren’t responsible, determines our outcome, our destiny. So do we really have a choice in the matter? Of course, the answer is a resounding, yes. We do have a choice. But it all comes down to that question we don’t want to answer. We even procrastinate with THAT! I’ll never forget the line in the romantic drama, The Notebook, in which Noah asks Allie, “What do you want?” He asks her multiple times, each one louder, until he finally loses it.


The knowing is the easy part, but it’s the doing that makes us crazy. Have you made your list or have you let that fall to the wayside as well? In this new year, 2024, I challenge you (and me) to make that list. Get that piece of paper, either on your computer or on real paper with lines, the kind you used in school and get writing. It’s a new year and anything’s possible. You aren’t getting any younger and to make matters worse, the devil is on the prowl. He’d like nothing more than to see you still sitting in that chair until 2025.

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