Part One: A Prayer for Mercy – an excerpt from A Gospel Primer

We’ve all done evil in the sight of the Lord. All of us. You and me. I am so overcome today after reading this excerpt from Milton Vincent’s A Gospel Primer, that I had to share with you my heart. I’m quite sure Paul, Peter, and David all felt this way at the point of contrition…


I couldn’t have failed You more miserably than I have. Instead of giving thanks to You and humbly submitting to Your rule over my life, I have rebelled and sought to exalt myself above You. Going my own way and living according to my own wisdom, I have broken countless times either the letter or the spirit of every one of Your commandments. Thinking myself to be wise, I have shown myself a fool, and because of my arrogance, You have every right to damn me to the everlasting experience of Your terrifying wrath in the lake of fire. So as for myself, apart from Christ I am bound by the guilt of my sins and also by the power of sin. I am enslaved to various lusts and pleasures. Apart from Christ, I am also utterly deserving of and destined for eternal punishment in the lake of fire, completely unable to save myself or even to make one iota of a contribution to my own salvation. 


Sounds like we’re doomed, doesn’t it? No. Not yet. There is a way out…but there’s not much time. Please read Part Two and Three if you have a moment…

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