Are You Dead Yet?

I suppose if you’re reading this blogpost, you’re not physically dead. You’re still here walking around, buying groceries, driving your car, going to class, going to work, sleeping, eating, and doing the other things that alive people do. What I want to know is, are you dead yet? Dead to yourself? Have you had a funeral for yourself? Your old self? Before becoming a true Christ-follower? Until you do, you remain unchanged. You may think you’re a Christ-follower, but if you haven’t changed from your old, sinful patterns, I’d say, think again. The thing is that when you’re a true Christ-follower, it is impossible for you not to be transformed. Changed. You won’t want to continue in your sin. The light cannot be a part of the dark. It is a natural thing and not something you have to work on. Transformation happens naturally when you die to yourself. Will you sin? Of course, but you won’t continue in it. If you truly have the Holy Spirit of God in your life, it’s an impossibility to continue your old life. There is a death to it. It dies. When it dies, the new life begins. Have you ever witnessed this in a person? It’s truly unbelievable. I’m talking about your wide-eyed, open-mouthed reaction to someone you learn has become a Christ-follower after living a life of sheer destruction. Can you picture that person? Now, I know most of you reading this have not lived a life of self-destruction, but nevertheless, if you have truly been born again by the Spirit of God, you are living a life that is mostly pleasing to him. Mostly meaning that sometimes you sin but can’t bear the thought of disappointing your Lord and Savior, so you confess it and you clean up your act. You turn it around. You die so that you can finally live. There will be no true peace until you have a little funeral for yourself.

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