Are You Ready For Easter?

Did you buy your Easter baskets yet? Have you chosen and purchased your Easter outfits for you and your kids? What about those plastic Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt? Are they filled with jelly beans yet? You don’t have much time you know…How about those yummy chocolate bunnies and those awful marshmallow Peeps? Are your Easter dishes ready for company? Have you decided on your Easter dinner menu? Whoa. Hold it. Wait a minute. Is that all that Easter is? Is that all that it means? Easter baskets and chocolate bunnies? For some people, I’d say, yes. That’s what it means. It has become so commercialized, just as Christmas has and I say, wait just a minute. Let’s take a quick look at what Easter really is.


We, who are Christians, celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who is our Savior. If you think about it, Easter is really the culmination of Christmas. I mean, at Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus. After he was born, He lived 33 years, died on Good Friday, and then rose from the dead 3 days later. To make Easter all about baskets, beans, and bunnies is sad to me. I mean, sure, I buy the baskets and bunnies just like you do, but Easter is really about the death and resurrection of the greatest gift ever given to mankind. Can we make it about that too? God, who created the universe along with you and me, sacrificed his only Son on the cross because of our sins. Not His sins (He never sinned), OUR SINS. God made that decision so that we could be with Him forever in paradise. Jesus died a horrible death instead of us dying the horrible death we deserve. We should be on our knees in worship, thanksgiving, and praise not only at this time of year, but everyday! What a wonderful gift God gave us! Our eternal inheritance will be given to us, and all we have to do is believe in Jesus and accept it! At least, can we get ready to celebrate that kind of Easter?

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