Before and After

I follow a few design companies on Instagram, one of whom is my daughter’s. Much of the talent exhibited on social media is amazing. The ability to envision the after during the before to the degree these folks do it is why extreme renovations are left to the professionals. While it is a gift to see beyond, the risk to accept the challenge can be daunting.



While I am not particularly drawn to risks, I have been known to act outside my zone of comfort a time or two. For instance, I went away to college. I got married. Got pregnant. Twice. I skydived but only after much prodding and many donations (it’s expensive!) from my peers. I swam under a waterfall in Hawaii that was strong enough to break my neck. I flew through a severe thunderstorm in a single-engine plane and lived to tell about it. I camped in a tent (my first time) spending 3 weeks in the western wilderness with a girlfriend I barely knew. Whether you consider these to be risks or not is immaterial. The point is that they were my risks. They were chances I decided to take for myself. They were my before and afters. Some of my afters were a success, and others were not.



The decision to ask Jesus Christ to be Lord and Savior would be considered a risk to some, a definite before and after scenario, but if the Bible is true (and I believe it is), if Jesus is coming back for those of us who’ve made the choice to trust in Him, and if things are going to get really bad when we’re gone, how is that a risk? If I’m wrong, we’ll die and that’ll be it. No harm done. But what if I’m right? Wouldn’t it make sense to, at least, look into it?

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