A Christmas Surprise – by Wilma Jean Smith

About a month before Christmas, in appreciation for my care of his house, my landlord surprised me with a beautiful Poinsettia (I am choosing to capitalize Poinsettia and give a little honor to Mr. John Poinsett, the first US minister to Mexico who introduced the flower to the US in 1820’s). Its many large blossoms […]

Friend or Enemy?

This world has a lot to offer, doesn’t it? It’s screaming with opportunities. You are bombarded with propaganda and advertisements around the clock to believe thus and such, to buy this and that; things guaranteeing health, happiness, and fulfillment, but it’s up to you. It’s your decision to take the world up on its offers that […]

Hard or Soft?

Think of something soft. Something that remains soft is workable, like, for instance, dough, clay, or glass. Each of these things, when combined with either yeast, water, and/or heat can yield some pretty amazing items. But if they become hardened before the process is complete, they are junk. We throw the lopsided pot or the deformed […]

How To Stop Lying

Learning to put an end to this behavior that could ultimately kill you is vital, but before you stop it, you must determine why you do it in the first place. And to understand that, we must go back to the beginning of time and take a look at the father of lies. The devil is […]

Oh, Jealousy…

Is there a person in your life, either a close friend, spouse, family member, or co-worker who seethes at your prosperity? Do they see red when they gaze on your beauty? Do their eyes narrow in anger when they see you singing on the stage? Does that person become a fire-breathing dragon at work, wishing […]

How to Be Happy

I used to think that non-Christians were miserable, that they were empty inside. I thought that every non-Christian was searching for something that would fill some aching longing deep in his heart. Not true. I’ve met non-Christians who are extremely happy. They’re not sitting around anxiously waiting for some Christian to come along and give […]


No, I’m not yelling at people. I reaching out to you (and to me) to stop trying to please everyone. It cannot be done no matter how hard you try. It’s all lies, what you may have heard about it being a positive character trait. With the ever-changing attitudes and feelings of people, it’s impossible […]

Are You Ready For Easter?

Did you buy your Easter baskets yet? Have you chosen and purchased your Easter outfits for you and your kids? What about those plastic Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt? Are they filled with jelly beans yet? You don’t have much time you know…How about those yummy chocolate bunnies and those awful marshmallow Peeps? […]

What’s It Going To Take?

I’m sure you’ve heard this before from your therapist or from your mother; if your aim is to change someone, forget it. Not happening. Changing another person is harder than moving a dead elephant. That’s why people are stuck. People cannot change other people. Period. That person (or you) has to want to change on […]

Is It Worth It?

You might be looking to purchase a big ticket item, like say a Louis Vuitton bag or a Mercedes Benz sports car. You’ll pay the big bucks if you want it badly enough. You’ll either borrow the money and possibly pay more in the long run, or you’ll save your money and get it when […]