What is Forgiveness, and How Do I Stop Suffering?

This is probably one of the most confusing topics out there. It’s misunderstood and is also, frankly, misused. People say they’ve forgiven someone, yet can’t seem to stop obsessing about those hurtful effects the person or event had on them. I am reading an amazing book called, The Heart Mender, by Andy Andrews, where Danny, […]

Don’t Worry About It!

That’s impossible, my mother will say. I know it’s hard keep worry at a distance, but it is NOT impossible. Besides, if there are so many drawbacks, why do we do it? I’m sure you’ve heard from professionals and non-professionals alike that most of what we worry about never happens. Do you like how you […]

What Am I Doing Here?

While some people know exactly why they are living on the earth, there are some who have no idea why they were ever born. In the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, things go from bad to worse for George Bailey in the first 30 minutes. The plot centers around his discovery of what life would’ve […]

6 Signs You’re Dating a Loser

I know that can be a harsh word, loser, but it’s true ladies. Check out these 6 characteristics, and if you find yourself dating someone exhibiting one or more, you’d better push the FF> button, and hurry!   If he expects you to go “halfsies” on everything, he’s probably a loser. You, of course, must […]

What’s With the Boundary?

Has anyone ever challenged you like that? Perhaps they are able to call you at a time that is good for them, or maybe they visit you without advanced notice. They know they can say whatever they want to say to you or they have been able to do to you whatever their heart desires. […]

The Perks of Crying Your Eyes Out

You may wonder how anything good can come from crying. I don’t know about you, but when I cry, I actually feel physically weak. My eyes are red and swollen for hours, my nose is stuffy, my head is pounding, and on top of that, the dark and threatening cloud of doom and unhappiness that […]

Can You Spot the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

Those of us who are true Christ-followers are under attack and have been ever since our birth. The devil is the wolf dressed as a lowly sheep and is seeking to devour us. That is, he not only lures us but then catches us in his trap. He then quickly gobbles us up so there is no […]

Assuming the Worst?

It’s so easy to make assumptions, isn’t it? Positive or negative. You see, therefore it is. You hear, therefore it is. I could go on and on with the remaining 3 senses. The point is that assumptions, while sometimes beneficial, are mostly negative, toxic, and suffocating. Assumptions contain almost no information, and because they lack […]

A Letter

I wonder, as I write this blogpost with much vulnerability, if you have ever felt this way… Dear Jesus, I want to tell You what I learned about You today. These things are true, what I’m about to say. Only, I want to know them in my heart, not merely in my head. When I […]

Claim VS Evidence

No. We don’t have to work for our salvation. Absolutely not. This marvelous gift of eternal life is given to you freely if you do only 3 things. Admit you’re a sinner, believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and that he died on the cross for your sins, and then confess or repent of your sins. […]