Before and After

I follow a few design companies on Instagram, one of whom is my daughter’s. Much of the talent exhibited on social media is amazing. The ability to envision the after during the before to the degree these folks do it is why extreme renovations are left to the professionals. While it is a gift to see beyond, the […]

To Lose or Not to Lose

One of the most popular topics among Christians is whether or not salvation can be lost. But I ask, why is this even a concern? Why do we argue about it? I believe that if people didn’t love their sin so much, this topic of eternal security wouldn’t be a topic at all. What people […]

It’s Where the Action Is

“Concerning you, his motives are never good. Whatever good he says to you is only for his good, and not yours. He only loves himself. Remember that.” This gentle reminder from a close friend might as well have set off an earthquake. But I thought we weren’t to judge motives, and how can we? We can’t […]

Manipulation: Are You Being Played?

Scenario #1: June and Alec are shopping for a new dining room table at the local furniture store. Lesley, the salesperson makes her way over, introduces herself, and asks the reason for their visit. June points to the dining room sets and tells Lesley that they’re looking to purchase a new one within their budget. […]

Love Lost

This happens quite often in relationships. We become bored, angry, and selfish. We forget the first time we met. We forget how much we had in common. We forget how we fought long and hard to keep it fresh. We forget how happy we were. If we’re married, we forget the vows we made. Quite […]

Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Revenge: A Funky Trio

Who’s the real bad guy here? In my experiences, forgiveness heals, reconciliation hopes, and revenge hates. You’ll never see forgiveness and revenge hanging out together. Most of the time it’s forgiveness and reconciliation that form the inseparable bonds that none can break; however all 3 can act alone and need not the other to survive. […]

When You Don’t Understand…

I just don’t understand life sometimes. I don’t realize what the Lord is doing. In my humanness, I lack discernment and wisdom. In all the noise, the anger, frustration, and questioning, I hear this:   Do you trust me?    Those 4 simple words constructed in the form of a question humble me every time. […]

What is Forgiveness, and How Do I Stop Suffering?

This is probably one of the most confusing topics out there. It’s misunderstood and is also, frankly, misused. People say they’ve forgiven someone, yet can’t seem to stop obsessing about those hurtful effects the person or event had on them. I am reading an amazing book called, The Heart Mender, by Andy Andrews, where Danny, a […]

Don’t Worry About It!

That’s impossible, my mother will say. I know it’s hard to keep worry at a distance, but it’s NOT impossible. Besides, if there are so many drawbacks, why do we do it? I’m sure you’ve heard from professionals and non-professionals alike that most of what we worry about never happens. Do you like how you […]

What Am I Doing Here?

What Am I Doing Here? While some people know exactly why they are living on the earth, there are some who have no idea why they were ever born. In the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, things go from bad to worse for George Bailey in the first 30 minutes. The plot centers around his discovery of […]