What’s With the Boundary?

Has anyone ever challenged you like that? Perhaps they are able to call at a time that is good for them, or maybe they visit without advanced notice. They know they can say whatever they want to say in your presence or have been able to do to you whatever their heart desires.   And […]

FAQ: Heaven and the End Times

I believe we are in the final days of our time on the earth. Who’s we? We who have realized we’re sinners in need of a savior. We who have repented of our sins. We who have believed that Jesus Christ is Lord and have called on Him to forgive our sins. We who have been washed […]

STD (Not What You Think)

I heard this the other day, and I thought, wow…that’s it! It’s bad enough to be sexually active outside the covenant of marriage, but to conceive a baby or to contract a sexually-transmitted disease produces the absolute worst consequences. Perhaps you were fortunate enough to have received neither of these and feel that you escaped […]

How To Stop Lying

Learning to put an end to this behavior that could ultimately kill you is vital, but before you stop it, you must determine why you do it in the first place. And to understand that, we must go back to the beginning of time and take a look at the father of lies. The devil is […]

Oh, Jealousy…

Is there a person in your life, either a close friend, spouse, family member, or co-worker who seethes at your prosperity, wishing they had it? Do they see red when they gaze on your beauty, wishing it was them who was gorgeous? Do their eyes narrow in anger when they see you singing on the […]

Can You Spot the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

Those of us who are true Christ-followers are under attack and have been ever since our birth. The devil is the wolf dressed as a lowly sheep and is seeking to devour us. That is, he not only lures us but then catches us in his trap. He then quickly gobbles us up so there is no […]

As In The Days of Noah

I recently traveled to Kentucky with some friends to see the Ark Encounter. Yes, we were fascinated by its size and overall quality, and we’d all highly recommend your seeing it. Worth the money, worth the time, but the message I received was a turning point in my Christian walk. The Bible says in Matthew […]

8 Ways to Stand Up For Yourself

Do you feel a sense of empowerment when you get the chance to speak up? Or do you shrink at the thought of voicing how you really feel? If you’re like me, I’m more like the second scenario. Although, I must say that I’m a work in progress. I used to shrink, but now, in […]


The people in Texas probably never saw it coming. Tragic, what has happened there. I’m sure not many were prepped for a disaster like this one. I mean, before Covid, I never knew that people actually PREPPED for emergencies. Millions do it. If you live in an area where weather is an issue, for sure, […]

7 Perks of Truth-Telling

Truth serum was a thing in the not too distant past. When the authorities would apprehend suspected criminals, they would inject the magic liquid, or barbiturates, such as Sodium Pentothal and Sodium Amytal into their veins to get them to come clean. To fess up. To get them to sing like canaries. The theory behind […]