For Out of the Mouth…

It isn’t what goes into man’s mouth that defiles him, Jesus said when answering the scribes and Pharisees’ questions about why His disciples didn’t wash their hands when they ate bread, a Jewish tradition by which all were to abide. In other words, it’s not about what you eat or how you eat it. It’s […]

It’s Where the Action Is

“Concerning you, his motives are never good. Whatever good he says to you is only for his good, and not yours. He only loves himself. Remember that.” This gentle reminder from a close friend might as well have set off an earthquake. But I thought we weren’t to judge motives, and how can we? We can’t […]

Manipulation: Are You Being Played?

Scenario #1: June and Alec are shopping for a new dining room table at the local furniture store. Lesley, the salesperson makes her way over, introduces herself, and asks the reason for their visit. June points to the dining room sets and tells Lesley that they’re looking to purchase a new one within their budget. […]

Love Lost

This happens quite often in relationships. We become bored, angry, and selfish. We forget the first time we met. We forget how much we had in common. We forget how we fought long and hard to keep it fresh. We forget how happy we were. If we’re married, we forget the vows we made. Quite […]

What is Forgiveness, and How Do I Stop Suffering?

This is probably one of the most confusing topics out there. It’s misunderstood and is also, frankly, misused. People say they’ve forgiven someone, yet can’t seem to stop obsessing about those hurtful effects the person or event had on them. I am reading an amazing book called, The Heart Mender, by Andy Andrews, where Danny, a […]

As In The Days of Noah

I recently traveled to Kentucky with some friends to see the Ark Encounter. Yes, we were fascinated by its size and overall quality, and we’d all highly recommend your seeing it. Worth the money, worth the time, but the message I received was a turning point in my Christian walk. The Bible says in Matthew […]

8 Ways to Stand Up For Yourself

Do you feel a sense of empowerment when you get the chance to speak up? Or do you shrink at the thought of voicing how you really feel? If you’re like me, I’m more like the second scenario. Although, I must say that I’m a work in progress. I used to shrink, but now, in […]


The people in Texas probably never saw it coming. Tragic, what has happened there. I’m sure not many were prepped for a disaster like this one. I mean, before Covid, I never knew that people actually PREPPED for emergencies. Millions do it. If you live in an area where weather is an issue, for sure, […]

7 Perks of Truth-Telling

Truth serum was a thing in the not too distant past. When the authorities would apprehend suspected criminals, they would inject the magic liquid, or barbiturates, such as Sodium Pentothal and Sodium Amytal into their veins to get them to come clean. To fess up. To get them to sing like canaries. The theory behind […]

A B C’s

I recently began watching Pastor JD Farag from Hawaii on YouTube. He loves God and loves people. His mission is to preach the gospel to everyone to whom he comes in contact, either in person or online. From his website: As a local church that was planted in 2004, Calvary Chapel Kaneohe is located on the […]