8 Ways to Stand Up For Yourself

Do you feel a sense of empowerment when you get the chance to speak up? Or do you shrink at the thought of voicing how you really feel? If you’re like me, I’m more like the second scenario. Although, I must say that I’m a work in progress. I used to shrink, but now, in […]


The people in Texas probably never saw it coming. Tragic, what has happened there. I’m sure not many were prepped for a disaster like this one. I mean, before Covid, I never knew that people actually PREPPED for emergencies. Millions do it. If you live in an area where weather is an issue, for sure, […]

7 Perks of Truth-Telling

Truth serum was a thing in the not too distant past. When the authorities would apprehend suspected criminals, they would inject the magic liquid, or barbiturates, such as Sodium Pentothal and Sodium Amytal into their veins to get them to come clean. To fess up. To get them to sing like canaries. The theory behind […]

A B C’s

I recently began watching Pastor JD Farag from Hawaii on YouTube. He loves God and loves people. His mission is to preach the gospel to everyone to whom he comes in contact, either in person or online. From his website: As a local church that was planted in 2004, Calvary Chapel Kaneohe is located on the […]

Stay or Go?

If it’s winter where you are, nobody’s going to the beach and mostly nobody is playing outside. If temperatures are going to be in the teens with wind chills in the sub-zero digits, wouldn’t it be nice to do an inside activity? Let’s organize the basement, everybody! Doesn’t that sound like fun? No. Maybe don’t […]

Are You Dead Yet?

I suppose if you’re reading this blogpost, you’re not physically dead. You’re still here walking around, buying groceries, driving your car, going to class, going to work, sleeping, eating, and doing the other things that alive people do. What I want to know is, are you dead yet? Dead to yourself? Have you had a […]

Take A Hike

Getting outdoors, even in the winter is invigorating! If only for 20 minutes, you can put on some shoes, coat, hat, and gloves and drive to a hiking spot or simply walk out your door, taking in the crisp, and hopefully clean air that’s circulating in your neighborhood or park. Just putting one foot in […]