Who In The World Is Jabez?

I recently returned from a two-week vacation in Florida. Yes, I went to the hottest, most humid climate the month of August has to offer; so sue me. I stayed with a dear friend, a mentor really, who has lived a life of pure adventure. Certainly, she has had bouts with illness and has suffered […]

Don’t Worry About It!

That’s impossible, my mother will say. I know it’s hard to keep worry at a distance, but it’s NOT impossible. Besides, if there are so many drawbacks, why do we do it? I’m sure you’ve heard from professionals and non-professionals alike that most of what we worry about never happens. Do you like how you […]

What Am I Doing Here?

What Am I Doing Here? While some people know exactly why they are living on the earth, there are some who have no idea why they were ever born. In the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, things go from bad to worse for George Bailey in the first 30 minutes. The plot centers around his discovery of […]

Motives: Can They Really Be That Deadly?

How do we know if our motives are pure? If we are walking in total obedience to the Lord and depending on Him for everything, there will be no need to question it. But other people will. That’s just the sad fact. People judge motive. There are tons of reasons people put other people on […]

It’s Time

It’s time. Sometimes we know, and sometimes we don’t. But when we know, we know. And it’s time. Now. For me. To give up the expectation that things will change. To stop praying, (Yes, I did say, stop praying) for God is saying, no, to me. This is what I hear Him saying this morning: […]

Your Ego is Your Real Enemy

Your unchecked ego is your enemy. Don’t let it trick you into believing any differently. Your ego actually works against you, like when using complex language that nobody understands. Instead of people oohing and aahing over your clever verbal skills, they actually pause and go, Huh? Because our ego craves positive reinforcement, it constantly looks for or […]

Which is Better: Men’s or Women’s?

On the topic of intuition, let me say right up front that I am, by no means, an advocate of women’s lib. I’ll probably receive hate-mail from angry women when I say this, but I believe that most men are smarter than women, and they’re better at most activities than women. In my opinion, except […]

For Women Only

The words in today’s blogpost are taken from a YouTube video by Tony Gaskins – American motivational speaker, life coach, and author. He wants women to know that men are not like women. Not at all. Nothing similar in any way. If men read this and become angry, it might be because they’re guilty. There […]

It’s Quiet Over Here

Most days are not quiet. But today, it is. When it’s quiet, I’m searching for the reasons it is so. I’m usually happy when the quiet finally comes, but today is different. When I can hear the clock ticking and the refrigerator running, it’s quiet. Normally, I’ll look at my phone or watch something on […]


If we are not aware, we should beware. One of the pastors of my church recently talked about self-awareness. I have to be honest; when he introduced the subject of his talk, I wondered if he’d caught the New Age train and if this was going to be just another one of those motivational speeches […]