Do It Yourself

Most projects are easier than you might think. If you have to look at that wooden table that’s the color of puke, one more time, you’ll just scream. Sometimes, it’s better just to pitch it if the wood isn’t, at least, in fair condition. But if you have emotional ties to it and feel the pressure to take a crack at bringing it to life again, here is a way to do it without too much stress and headache.

  1. Purchase a chemical stripping agent and test a small area to see if the agent will do the trick in a reasonable amount of time.
  2. Borrow your dad’s sander and buy some sand paper for the flat surfaces. (be sure to wear that mask you bought in 2020)
  3. You’ll need a scraper for the parts where you used the chemical stripping agent.
  4. Sand and/or scrape. You’ll probably end up doing both of these actions at some point.
  5. Wipe excess dust and let dry.
  6. Paint and let dry.
  7. Add another coat if necessary.

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