Please Tell Me

A Prayer to My Lord and Savior


Dear Heavenly Father,

I am humbled that you love me. I am humbled that you pour out your grace and mercy on me everyday. These 2 things I do not deserve but for which I am so very grateful. You have done marvelous works in me. Somehow, you’ve chosen to forgive me and save me. Even though I have done evil in your sight, you chose to use me. You pour your favor on me for what? Not because of anything I have done, but because you want to. You want me! You chose not to abandon me or reject me even though I rejected you so many times. What love is this? No man can fathom it. Thank you, dear Heavenly Father.


There are many things I know already, secrets to which I’ve been privy to only because of your Holy Spirit. What a gift these secrets are; but Lord, there are things I still desire to know. Like many of your followers, I’d like to know what’s going on here in our country. It’s 2021, and things are so topsy-turvy, so messed up. What used to be evil is now good. What used to be good is now evil. Lawlessness abounds. There are many false prophets and false teachings. So many people are abandoning the faith. The love of many is waxing cold. There are wars. There are rumors of war. There are earthquakes. There are signs in the sun, moon, and stars. There is famine. There is pestilence. The last of these is a bit ironic, Lord. There will be scoffers (people saying they’ve seen these signs all along, that there is nothing new). I see all these things happening now. But what I want to know specifically is, what’s the truth of the COVID-19 virus and of the warp-speed vaccines? You have given me your Holy Spirit as my guide to tell me things I need to know. You have given me discernment. You have given other people gifts to research viruses and yet others to give their best answer to these health concerns that beset me. What do You say? Please, Lord. I want to know how to handle these things. I want to do what’s right in Your eyes.



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  1. Thank you for pouring out your heart to him Suzanne!

    Lord, please tell us the truth of the matter and how to handle it. You are not the author of the confusion which plagues our world. We plead your truth.

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