Soul-Ties…The Truth

I have transcribed some of the most valuable information from RC Blakes (link below) on soul-ties that I’ve ever heard.


What is a soul-tie, and why should I care about it? A soul tie, also commonly known as a trauma bond, is born from lust (lust is never satisfied) and forms when you make the decision to become intimate, physically or emotionally, with a person to whom you aren’t married. Your soul is united with someone (because you had sex or because you’re emotionally tied without having had sex), and the tie is binding you to that person to whom you don’t want to be bound (because you don’t want to get married).


“Soul ties have a way of causing you to become delusional. They cause you to ignore the jaws of the leopard. You’re mesmerized by the beauty of its fur which then blinds you to the jaws that desire to destroy you. Soul-ties leave you confused. Sometimes you want that person, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you love that person, sometimes you hate that person. Sometimes you want that person in your life, sometimes you don’t need that person in your life. When you open your life up sexually to someone, and when that union is not God-ordained, you open yourself up to a spiritual downfall. II Samuel 13 explains the confusion that comes.”


If you have time, read that chapter before reading the rest of this post.


“Simply, you are wasting your time on someone who has nothing to offer. Don’t waste one more minute on a man or woman who will not commit. How long have you been with that man? How long have you been with that woman? A year? 5 years? 10? Is there a marriage commitment in your future? Ninety-nine percent of the time the answer is, no. Where is your self-respect? In that situationship, you are clearly being disrespected. Has anyone asked, Is she ever going to marry you? Or, When are you two going to get married? Listen; you are fueling the disrespect you are receiving by allowing it! As long as you are comfortable with the disrespect you’re receiving, the devil will slowly destroy you. This soul tie is designed to destroy you. Period.” 

Watch this amazing video from RC Blakes. He explains it all.



Reasons you don’t want to break the ties that bind:

  1. I want my cake and to eat it too. I want out, but I don’t want out.
  2. Why buy the cow when I’m getting the milk for free?
  3. It’s too hard. It’ll hurt too much
  4. I’m waiting on God to help me
  5. It’s financially better for me


Reasons you need to break the ties that bind:

  1. The longer you stay, the shorter your future, as the soul-tie is a waste of time, your most precious commodity
  2. They are not fulfilling
  3. They are not of God
  4. They are spiritually draining
  5. They deplete self-esteem
  6. They are demonic and are intentional about tying up your life to drain it of its future
  7. Whenever your relationship starts with sex, it never ends well
  8. Don’t waste what is valuable and give to someone who has no respect for value (Matt 7:6) Great word-picture here!
  9. Your relational availability is pre-occupied with a waste-of-time
  10. You have created a demonic marriage (I Corinthians 6:16)


How do you break these ties?

  1. Whenever you decide to get free, the Spirit of God will help you
  2. Be willing to let go and purify yourself to be in a position where God would put a husband or wife in your vicinity
  3. You have to repent. NOT just be sorry, but TURN around and go in a different direction
  4. Submit to God, resist the devil, and he will flee from you (James 4: 7-10)
  5. Invite the Holy Spirit to participate in your life by praying, worshipping, and reading the Bible
  6. No one can serve 2 masters…(Matthew 6:24)
  7. Purify your heart. Clean it out! (Psalm 51: 10)
  8. Be afflicted and morn. It will hurt, but that’s good. You need to feel it!
  9. Humble yourself, and He WILL lift you up – you need the power of God to break the stronghold of soul-tie relationships as you cannot do it by yourself! No way!


Thank you, RC, for this invaluable information. I pray to God that people will hear and obey the Lord.

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