Stay or Go?

Nobody’s going to the beach and mostly nobody is playing outside, especially this week. Temperatures are going to be in the teens with wind chills in the sub-zero digits. So wouldn’t it be nice to do an inside activity? Let’s organize the basement, everybody! Doesn’t that sound like fun? No. Maybe don’t introduce your bright idea that way. Time to get creative, people. How about saying, Hey everybody! Let’s go downstairs and play STAY or GO! What’s Stay or Go, they will ask. Explain it like the late Alex Trebek and you’re in business. The object: Whoever counts the least amount of stuff in their STAY pile and the most stuff in their GO pile wins! Wins what, exactly? That’s up to you. A trip to the ice cream place? Dollar store? Your choice.


This game is in 2 parts. For part 1, Everybody gets 1 bag or 1 tub of stuff that has been sitting on the shelf for decades. Okay, maybe not decades, but you get the idea. One person takes out something from their bag or tub and decides on their own if it stays or goes. After deciding, they put it in 1 of 2 piles. Now everyone should have 2 piles each, a STAY pile and a GO pile. After this part of the game is complete, part 2 begins. Everyone gets to visit each GO pile to see if they want anything. If they do, it goes in their STAY pile. Count up the items in each pile and you’ll have a winner! Remember, the winner must have the least in the STAY and the most in the GO. Tie-breakers are not likely, but I’ll leave that part up to you. You’ll be shocked at the amount of stuff that will go. And the reminiscing about this and that; when they find something they thought they lost will melt your heart. Whether you dump it, donate it, or sell it is up to you. Hope this little game works for you, because purging by yourself is pure torture.



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