Where Did It All Go Wrong?

I was reading an article in the Daily Mail online news about a Hollywood couple whose 7-year engagement produced a sad finale. After 2 children and the great life show business allegedly provides, the couple announced their split. The question, Where did it all go wrong? headlined the article. Huh? Do they really not know? How do people not know why this type of relationship rarely produces a happy ending? Ponder this list of traditional male/female cohabitation truths before you accept a role in this catastrophic series:


  1. Cohabitants are unmarried and are living together. (Enter the splitting of all expenses, i.e. rent, pets, furniture, etc. The word splitting says it all.)
  2. Cohabitants are unmarried and are probably having unprotected sex. (Enter children and possible STDs)
  3. Cohabitants are committed, but not really. (Enter the temptation to escape and to seek out other relationship possibilities)
  4. Cohabitants believe that breaking up is easier when not lawfully committed. (Enter difficult legal ramifications. Think common law marriage and soul ties)
  5. Cohabitants have lower standards for their live-in than for a spouse. (Enter feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. There’s a reason they don’t want to marry you)
  6. Cohabitants build their relationship on convenience and obscurity instead of love and commitment. (Enter words like boyfriend and girlfriend, partner and buddy. None of these qualify as one of the 5 filing statuses according to the Internal Revenue Service)
  7. Cohabitants have a harder time abandoning their fake relationship because, as the years drift by, ties, whether lawful or not, really do bind. (Enter regret and resentment)


Studies show that the commitment of marriage before God and a company of witnesses lessens the likelihood of a break-up. While cohabitation says, the two remain two, separate and individualistic, the marriage vows declare that the two will become one in body, soul, and spirit. Marriage says, I will, where cohabitation says, I might. Which one sounds more appealing to you?



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